GOLDEN VORTEX REVIEWSAaron Downey Golden Vortex Elite Edition
“Playing professional sports has always motivated me to learn how to create the greatest amounts of energy and strength. Discovering the GV-II has done exactly that. Not only did my energy levels increase when training, but what I really found was my body’s circulation system worked more efficiently. All the aches and pains that had developed and been in my body throughout my 14 year playing career had suddenly vanished. I feel like my intuition is working the way it should. My brain is able to slow things down and give me mental clarity in sports as well as in everyday life. The GV-II has been the best training tool I have ever had to give me a mental edge; it makes me want to make a come back to the game. Although I would love to play again, I know that by me wearing the GV-II, my athletes have benefited from my increased drive, positive energy levels and faster recovery. I strongly recommend that anyone looking to increase injury prevention, increase positive energy and increase intuition step outside the box and experience something so magical!”

Yours truly,

Aaron Downey
Calder and Stanley Cup Champion currently working as a Strength and Development Coach for the Detroit Red Wings and Grand Rapids Griffins.


Randi C. , Yoga Teacher, Florida (GV-II):
“My life changed the day a friend handed me a blank card.  The outside read, “Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.” This golden nugget set me on my path toward health, Happiness and love.  I felt like I had it all, but in my heart, I was still alone.  When I received my GV-II Accelerator, my life took the most incredible turn from inner bliss to outer bliss.  It turned up the volume on my inner voice and gave me the confidence I needed to listen to it.  I was magically reunited with my first love after 18 years of separation.  All the obstacles that seemed to block our union disappeared and we soon married.  Within in a short time of wearing my GV-II Accelerator, my whole life took on an incredible intensity.  As a yoga teacher, my students were experiencing amazing breakthroughs and my personal practice became more powerful than I have known in 15 years.  In terms of Creation, the greatest result produced is the birth of our daughter.  Considered to be high risk, after the age of 35, I wore my GV-II religiously, skipped all the pre-natal testing and gave a natural childbirth to a healthy, beautiful, soulful child.  Understanding the Law of Attraction means having ‘it all.’  Adding an Accelerator means subtracting the waiting time.   Thank you Golden Vortex!”



“When I didn’t have my GV-II on one day, I noticed the difference and went looking for it.”

Scott Thornton
18-year NHL Hockey Player, Team Canada (3x)
Certified CrossFit Coach and Co-Owner of CrossFit Indestri


Kate M.  -Former Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) , New Mexico:
“I have been wearing the original GV for a little over a week now and I felt that I had to write to you. I am a 42 year old former EMT and I have been through multiple spinal surgeries and am facing more. I have had constant nerve pain in my legs and arm for years with little relief using nerve blockers and pain meds. To be honest, I bought this with little hope but thought that if it helped at all it would be worth it. To my surprise and my relief it has done more than I could have imagined. Within the first few hours I noticed a dramatic drop in the burning and tingling in my arm and legs. Within two days I could stand up and walk with MUCH less shooting pain, I began to sleep better, my energy level has returned to what it was 10 yrs ago.  I have been able to do so much more than I could have hoped. I don’t know if you can even imagine what it’s like to live with constant pain but I want to thank you so very much for creating this device. My depression at the thought of living like this for the rest of my life has lessened, I wake up with an improved outlook on my future. It has improved my digestive problems and I swear my skin tone even looks better. I hope to be able to get the ELITE version soon. There just aren’t words for what this has done for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Very Sincerely. Kate M”
Kate M. – Part 2:
I have to say that when I first wore the GV I was shocked at how much it helped and now after wearing the GV-ll Elite edition I just can’t even wrap my mind around it’s effects. I have been sleeping all night, no nerve pain in my legs at all, only slight pain in my back but nothing compared to what it was before.  I have had the energy to swim on most days and take care of my kids, critters and take my 18 yr old shopping for college. Shopping is something I have hated for years simply because of pain. FYI, my husband knew it was in the house before I even told him, he could “feel” it. haha

I have convinced my father in Iowa that he has to have one as he suffers from nerve and shoulder pain, he just had shoulder replacement on the left side and soon faces the same on the right. He has also had the nerve pain in his legs for years. I have loaned my original GV to a friend with arthritis and fibromyalgia and that she took it off when she went to bed, (not thinking) and in the night she hurt so much that she had to go find it to have the relief back. Her hands have been so swollen that she wasn’t able to touch her fingers to her thumb and guess what, she is back to doing crafts and taking care of grandbabies. A few days ago she took an awful fall in her kitchen and her husband called me to come check on her, after determining that she hadn’t broken anything I placed the GV against the pain point and within a few minutes she was already getting relief. She will be getting one soon hopefully.

I have been telling everyone about this wonderful  device, after being in the medical field for so many years I see how helpful it’s benefits are, much more so than a prescription pad can offer. My doctor is also very impressed with my progress since I began using this. MRI’s don’t lie and as of this moment I have no plans to let them cut me open again anytime soon. If I could hug all of you involved with this creation I would but all I can do is say thank you and send you lots of love. I’ll keep you posted on (all of us). Thank you again.


Kate M, New Mexico

UPDATE from Kate:
“As for the pets, I have to say that my cats are extremely attracted to this device. They rub it and will hold their noses against it, then if I’m in bed they all want to lay with me. Very cool. My friend that I spoke of has a 6 month old grandbaby and prior to me loaning her my GV she was trying to calm him and he was just not having any of it. I took him from her and laid him on my chest against the device and he immediately became happy and smiling and then fell right to sleep. I continue to be amazed at the benefits of this device . I will keep in touch.
Kate M.”

C.M, Catholic Priest , Michigan (GV-II ) :
Two years ago I purchased the GV-II Black Diamond Vortex. I am so satisfied with the product and with customer service. With the product itself I have noticed several benefits:
Shrink and Grow
I tried the shrink and grow effect. In over 60 demonstrations I have noticed some visual on over 95% of those demonstrations. Some of the impacts have been spectacular. The other evening, for example, there was at least a four inch effect
Since I have worn the Golden Vortex I have noticed that I am more centred and focused. As someone with some adult ADHD this effect of the Vortex is itself worth the price. I am not as much of a worry wort since I have had the Vortex.
Healing Impact
As someone in formal ministry I am often called to pray with the sick. I now get to a point of peace in my prayer more quickly.
Customer Service
Customer Service have answered all of my questions and I no longer feel as though I am just a customer. That is a rare experience. For that I am grateful.

Singer/Songwriter Jessica Kaye, Montreal Canada (GV-II ):
“Since I’ve been wearing the “turbo” GV, I’ve experienced higher energy levels during live music performances and a more positive crowd response. I also noticed I’ve been needing to sleep less and have more energy over all. While wearing it to work (I work in a restaurant with a stressful environment), time seemed to slow down for me. I was able to deal with everything more efficiently and with a better attitude than what was previously possible for me. Since I was able to think more clearly, I was able to simply reason with the co-worker I usually had issues with; instead of getting flustered and angry. A few times I was hungover, had cramps or back pain and I thought to myself, “hey, why not get the GV and see what will happen?” , almost immediately, as soon as I picked it up or put it near the sore area, the pain stopped! I couldn’t believe it. I would recommend this device for anyone who would like to boost their positive energy or who needs a little extra focus. I never go to work without it.”


Brandy Nielson in Victoria, British Columbia (GV-II):
“This is my testimonial based on 3 months of using my GVII. What I have felt is a significant amount of energy increase. I mean a high increase! As long as I wear my GV in my pocket or around my neck I feel so much energy all day long without that 3-5pm low and without wanting to go to bed by 8pm.

I misplaced the GVII and went without it for about 4 days and I greatly noticed the difference. Over 4 days of not wearing the GVII I began to notice allergies coming on and then aches and pains in my back and neck, I was feeling like I felt before I started wearing the GVII. I didn’t think much of it as I assumed I was just run down. However once I found the GVII I immediately felt more energy and by the evening I was no longer feeling run down. My cold symptoms disappeared and I was ready to stay up late working. What?! Amazing!

I put the GVII under my pillow at night to have a deep sleep. Upon waking I felt refreshed and ready to pop out of bed, no desire to hit the snooze button. In fact, as long as the GVII is near, I wake up before my alarm does!

And since having such a significant increase in energy I have a clearer more focused mind. I feel more positive and more productive. I feel that although I am currently dealing with a mountain of stressful things both personally and professionally, that wearing the GVII has helped me to stay focused, calm and capable of handling it all.

Another interesting thing is my 9 year old daughter has been wearing the original GV. She doesn’t wear it all the time as she is a sensitive little being and she really doesn’t need the boost regularly. But when grade 4 becomes so stressful that she starts getting tummy aches and headaches I give her the GV to wear to school. Every time we do this, at the end of the school day, she feels calm, confident and content. There was no stress and she actually looked healthier. I assume the rosy cheeks and the bright eyes are because she is feeling great!

The difference in the two GVs is extraordinary. I love the GVII as it really brings up a large amount of energy. And the original one is great for bringing grounding and calming.

I want to thank you so much for the GVs. They have given us so much in such a short period of time. I am never without mine and I honestly feel it is the single most important item I own. I wish you all of the success in reaching as many people as possible. I hope to see more people feeling so great as I do. I sure have been spreading the word!

Infinite love and gratitude.”

M. Pietro, Senior Office Administrator in Westmount, Quebec (GV-II):

“I have been using the GV-II Black Edition, aka, ‘The Turbo” for approx. 10 days now, and feel a significant change in my body. Prior to the use of the GV-II, I had unexplained muscular pains on the left side of the body, trouble with digestion, and problems sleeping. After using this golden vortex, my pains have diminished tremendously. Going to the washroom, is no longer a problem, and I have been sleeping pretty well, for the last 5-7 days. I have had at least 5-6 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I did not have previously. The type of sleep I have been having is a relaxed, after-a-massage-type-of- feeling- sleep. I cannot complain! Especially where I work 8 hours + , in an office environment, where my day is mostly sedentary, I feel lower levels of stress, and anxiety. For example, last night I had some back pain, and couldn’t seem to get comfortable, so, before falling asleep, I put the GV-II Black Edition in my pyjama, against my back, and slept on it. Not only did I fall asleep quickly, but I felt the pain subside about 10 minutes into wearing the golden vortex against my skin. INCREDIBLE! I would ABSOLUTELY recommend/suggest this to a friend. It is unbelievable how something that seems so simple, can help in such a big way! Thank-you Golden Vortex! :0)”


H.W. Ibrahim, Product Manager, Electromechanical components (GV-II):

“After wearing this Golden Vortex device around my neck, I could clearly notice how my efficiency at work had improved, my stress level descended to a near zero , and without any doubt a better control over my tasks became an easy job. I do not know how this thing works exactly, but what I do know that it for sure does work. I certainly feel more motivated to do things with a dominant positive attitude . This Thing is AWESOME!!!!”

Sherona T – El Paso, Texas:

“I feel that there is a need to thank you guys for such a phenomenal invention. The interaction with my GV has just been getting better and better.
I have had two back surgeries (fusion) at C6 – C7 and at L5 – S1. Living near the Franklin Mounts we are very high above sea level, the air is thinner, and any decline in barometric pressure spells BIG PAIN and restless nights; the past 2 days have been painful days. I had decided to take the GV to show it to some close friends of mine and I put it in my left pants pocket (right next to my hip socket) so that I would not forget it. At first, the joint at my left hip began to feel cold and I thought, ‘Wow, that’s odd.’ About 3 minutes later, my lower back felt hot, lessened to warm, and then the sensation just faded away. I thought nothing of it anymore until later on that day when my son said, “Mom, I am surprise that you are up and moving around; it’s REALLY cloudy outside… usually, your back would be killing you right now.” Needless to say, I burst out into laughter, followed by tears; I could not believe it… and it was even raining a little outside. My son thought I was touched by what he said, but I was actually overwhelmed with joy that my back was not hurting. The only thing different about today was the fact that I had the vortex in my pocket. When I got up this morning, I grabbed the GV, put it on the white cord it came with, and put it on my neck… I have had NO PAIN today, but I felt this AMAZING refreshment of energy… I have found the GV is a most beautiful tool for so many things and I am logging them ALL. I am eager AND excited to see what will happen next! Simply put, the GV is AMAZING!! YaH bless.”

Donna and Rod in Ontario, Canada:

“We received our GV-IIs about 3 weeks ago and have not been without them since. If we’re not wearing them, then we sleep with them under our pillows or carry them in our pockets. The GV-II has given us more energy and definitely has helped our night time problems. We seem to sleep more peacefully and wake up energized and alert. Rod’s restless leg problems have diminished noticeably contributing again to his all over sense of well-being. We are certainly more relaxed and happy as a result of all of these affects. I would highly recommend the GV-II portable Vortex and thank you for helping to give us a happier future.”

Chris C. , Seattle. (GV-II):
Wow, I did the wall test by placing a small piece of duct-ape on my sliding closet door at eye level being very careful to make sure it was at eye level. I was standing on carpet so I was able to place my feet at the same spot as I did without wearing the GV Elite. I was amazed to find the tape appeared much lower when I put back on the amazing GV Elite. So I took another piece of tape to mark my eye level with the GV Elite on and repeated the experiment. Sure enough it worked. I measured the difference to be about an inch. Very interesting. I can’t wait to show all my friends and my 22 nephews and nieces, Another note I should mention is that my breathing has become more smooth as I inhale. I’ve also been plagued with head aches even though I’m on Oxycontin and various other meds. Since I started wearing the GV Elite those headaches have disappeared and I’m not having to take Tylenol all the time. It’s also decreased my urge to smoke.

Maya M

“I’ve had the GVII for about a month now, and I can say without a doubt that this thing is the real deal. I’m normally the most skeptical person on the planet, not very spiritual, don’t really know what chakras are… I’m pretty much, what you see is what you get. (I even learned about the GV by total accident… I wasn’t looking or interested in this kind of thing at all.) However, now that I do have it, I can proudly say that I’m a believer. When I wear this around my neck, I feel like I have more of a presence wherever I go. It’s hard to explain, but it’s almost as if there’s more weight to who I am…like no one can knock me down (mentally or physically). Not only does it make me feel taller (literally I can watch myself expand and shrink… freaky and cool) – I just feel like I’m more energized, more focused, and just generally more well-rounded. It makes my water taste amazing too! I simply put the pendant next to the tap when I’m pouring a glass of water, and not only does it make it softer, I also feel more fulfilled when it goes down. The GV has also helped a lot with my digestion issues, which I’ve had forever. Just think of it as a magnetic whirlpool, when you’re wearing it, everything in your body circulates better. Don’t be shy, try it out!”

Tony a Chiropractic Doctor in British Columbia, Canada:

“Regarding the comment I made about the GV you sent me being like a bonfire around my neck. It is a good thing. When I received my first Network entrainment, I could feel the internal change that had occurred in my chest and heart area for the next several months. The heart (which seems to be the largest and strongest vortex of the body) is where I can sense things. As such, I have always ‘powered’ my adjustments from the heart. When I get tired, I will try to keep my ‘heart space’ open by resorting to other things. One such thing is coffee. But a couple of years ago, a patient of mine showed me a ‘wand’ by a multi level marketing company called Amega. When she brought it near me, I could feel it, and ended up obtaining one because it assisted me in keeping my ‘heart space open’ during the day. I find your GV to do the same, but much more powerfully than the wand. So my comment about the bonfire simply means that I can tell that there is power there. And I can use it in my work.”

Justin in Florida:

Got the GV a little over a week ago. Amazing. Will be ordering more in a week or so for my wife and some friends. But the reason I am emailing you is because I have taken the liberty of performing some experiments in electromagnetic fields being produced by small coils (4 or less wraps) passing through he GV. We are reading the results through an oscilloscope and getting some very unique readings. Results you would see in the presence of a small tesla coil. But that would still have thousands of wraps. We are also seeing some instances of the field around the gv “collecting” electrical energy. It seems to a point be able to store a certain amount of electrical energy over time. We have only be doing this at low voltage, 4 volts or less. But with your blessing I would like to continue to see what else it is capable of in this field. I would of course share any results with you. I am just fascinated by what may be possible for the understanding of the field of vortexes in general. I have a theory that at higher levels, we may see some wireless transfer of power. Anyway, hope this finds you well. Thank you again.”

Jan B:

Subject: Golden Vortex

Day 3 Using this golden vortex and I feel wonderful…like I did 20 years

Sent from my iPhone

Greg, from


I have had GERD since a really severe, as in flat-lining, case of Asian Swine Flu in ‘86. Since then, it has gotten worse. Consistent presence of stomach contents in esophagus led to diagnosis of precancerous cells in ’98, when my insurance went away, so I don’t even want to think what it’s doing now! I suspect your device may be, truly, a lifesaver. I noticed that when wearing it all today, no symptoms, zilch. Despite having coffee, a full dinner at a buffet, the symptoms did not reemerge until around 9pm, two hours after removing it. I have noticed this over the past week. From now on, I’m wearing it, constantly.”

Later another email from Greg:

“By end of day my already sore back had gone to sore neck, really sore, as when I lift heavy loads too often, that is the failure point, and not reached in time, it can easily trigger a migraine.

I went home and taped on the GV with black electrical tape, as it would not pull out an excruciating amount of wolf-fur when removed, and put it on. I hit the heating pad as well. Within an hour, the pain was gone. I wore it for another hour. The pain and now, even soreness, are not evident.”

Dan from Southern Oregon:

I like it! I believe it does help my digestion.”


LJ in Portland, Oregon:

I swear … it makes me a more aware driver. Yesterday at a blind intersection in my apartment complex, which I usually blow through, I slammed on the brakes without knowing why. A second later some guy blasted through from the side. I could have been T-boned, and my young son was with me.”

Terry a resident of Alberta, Canada:

“When I got the GV I was fighting what looked to be a losing battle with colitis, plus Crone’s was edging up on me. Doctors were looking at me with scalpels shinning in their eyes. They wanted to remove my colon, sew shut my anus, and hang a dirt bag on my side for the rest of my life. At first the GV dulled the pain, and after a few days I had the first almost normal BM in years. If I’m not cured, I’ll gladly take this as the next best thing. Try to take this thing from me and I will kill!”


Shawn a Reiki Practitioner from British Columbia, Canada: (GV& GV-II ):

“I had seen the shrink and grow phenomenon in photos taken at the Gold Hill, Oregon Vortex back in 1997 so when I saw the GV on the History Channel’s Decoded show it sure caught my attention. Since receiving it last April I have performed the demonstration for about 75 people and it’s been quite amazing for all of us to witness to say the least. More recently wearing the GV-II prototype since the end of last June I have lost almost 15 pounds of unnecessary weight, am craving better foods, and have more energy and focus. The only downside is that my pants and shorts are too big for me now so I need a lot of new tighter fitting clothes and my belt needed another 2 holes punched in it to fit me. My waist is now 1.5″ smaller…and I’m thinner than I have been since about 16 or 17 years old and with a flatter stomach! I was originally pouring all my filtered water through the hole of the GV before drinking and used it as a facial spray by itself in a spray bottle. Now I just hold the glass to my GV-II while wearing it as I fill my glass with water and find it helps structure it. The water seems to have a more cohesive and higher surface tension that hydrates me a lot better.My skin is noticeably more smooth, tight and clear like I’ve been using a sauna and with less wrinkle lines around the eyes. A few people have even told me out of the blue lately that I look younger and of course a whole lot thinner. I absolutely love both the Original GV and GV-II devices but my favorite and daily wearer is the new GV-II. I find it helps move an extreme amount of energy and works to enhance our biofield like no other product can hold a candle to. During my near 2 decades of practicing Reiki I have purchased a number of the products available on the market and nothing comes close to either of these GVs, especially the GV-II. Your products give a whole new meaning to incredible and amazing. You are a genius Mr. Nelson! Thank you (*again)!”

Mike L wrote:

Subject: Ordered My Second Vortex Sharing A few Results.

“Hello, By The subject I have ordered My second GV. Being quite please with how fast I received It this time, surplus from popularity I am assuming. Today I would Like to Give you a few results I have noticed from experimentation. My uncle received a knee injury Not too severe but it was hard for him to bend his knee for a few days. Him being reluctant with most pseudo science or anything I tell him for that matter that is conspiratorial of sorts. I had Him put it on his knee for a few minutes and to my amusement the pain went away, He was certainly surprised So he kept it on longer and it went away completely within a day or two. I had to give it to him since he has such horrible health problems, He began wearing as a pendant.
To list a few things by pendant use. (Mind you my uncle is quite Un-healthy by choice)

Pain relief.
Lessened stomach pain from possible ulcers or lung issues.
– Slight help with hang overs .

I cannot say for sure he experienced any improved energy or auric feelings. I sure Did that is why I wanted to order another one. Aura vision is cool and since I can see it naturally sometimes, The VG made it cooler to see. I am Giving my uncle the instructions to the new one since I lost the first and this one is somewhat more updated. Thanks Nick for taking interest in the mysterious ways of nature many care to ignore.”


L. Thompson from VA:

“I just got the Vortex about 15 minutes ago. Over the weekend I wrenched my neck and couldn’t move my head at all without intense pain. I just got home from lunch, checked the mail and, and pulled out your package. I was drawn to put the device on my neck as soon as I took it out of the envelope, and within 2 minutes I had about 85% range of motion back with only a dull ache. My husband was staring at me flabbergasted and I was tingling all over – still am actually. As I’ve been writing I’ve gained more range of motion and the pain has been lessening even further. This thing is just too cool! What kind of publicity or marketing do you do for this? I had seen it mentioned on Decoded a few weeks back and had made a note to look up the Golden Vortex, but other than that I’ve never heard of this before. Have a GREAT day!”


Adam L. in West Palm Beach FL:

“I just received my Golden Vortex and I gotta tell you this thing has some crazy effects. The science part of my brain can’t grasp it’s effects with the standard model of physics. Tesla was really onto something. ”


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