Q: What is the difference between the Original GV (white) and the Black Edition GV-II (GV2) /Turbo and new Black Diamond Elite Edition?
A: The original white GV is a single sided fixed field model meaning its vortex field is only active on one side of the device (the flat unlettered side), and always remains static/locked and unchanging. The GV-II Black Edition features our newest dual sided dynamic configuration that cycles through both sides of its set spin domains. For examples of user feedback we receive for each model, please see our testimonials page. The new Elite Edition also contains the GV-II (Turbo) configuration and is installed in our newest generation ultra high engineered body casing made from medical grade natural plant based nylon plastic and further enhanced with carbon graphite. Aside from it’s incredible flagship GV-II configuration on the inside, this 33-facet diamond-face case is an esthetic masterpiece all on it’s own. It was designed with ultimate precision by a 5th generation jeweler and produced by a PhD of Chemistry who specializes in manufacturing some of the world’s most technologically advanced aerospace and medical components. As further tribute to the craftsmanship that went into this pendant, there are details so fine on the back “triple 9 star” design cap cover that it requires a jeweler’s loupe to view them. This personal energy device is phenomenal in every way.
 Q: Where do you ship to?
A:  We currently only ship to the United States, Canada and the UK. We apologize for not being able to ship to other countries at this time.
Q: How do I know this device is working?
A: Some initial observations are admittedly subjective, because not everyone experiences the same things. Most have a sense that it is working right when they first hold one in their hand or place it around their neck. Feelings of either coolness, warmth, or tingling in their bodies often becomes apparent when a GV device is close to them. Increased energy and circulation (warmer hands and feet), better digestion & elimination of toxins, and more restful and uninterrupted sleep are common reports we receive along with higher mental focus, physical performance and stamina levels. Reduced aches, pains and even chronic migraine and allergy relief has also been reported by some users.
Q: What is the polarity of the magnets being used in the GV devices?
A: Each GV device such as the Original GV, GV-II and the EL8 have the north polarity of the magnets facing towards the body. (ie. back of the pendant case) Even though GV technology is not dependent on simple basic magnet strength and Gauss levels as most common health magnet devices do, each model is still designed with the north polarity worn against the body.
Q: How do these devices structure water?
A: This answer is open for debate and we cannot make any official claims but if you research what the world’s top experts and Nobel Prize winners have discovered about water ,you may just want to give the Golden Vortex™ devices a try. Most users initially poured the water through the hole in the center of them until it was discovered the field itself just needs to be introduced to the water by holding the active side of the device (flat unlettered side of the Original GV or either side of the GV-II) to your glass, bottle or bowl for pets when filling. Most users hold them just in front of or behind the stream of water while it is being poured. For watering gardens the device is held to the hose when the water is running.
Q: How is it used for pain relief? …..is it the Placebo effect?
A: Most users wear or simply hold the device to their afflicted area or tape it in place with medical tape. Reiki and other natural health practitioners have reported using them in their practice and with great results. Energy blockages have been reported to become unblocked when people visit these special Vortex locations and many report the same with these devices configured to the same spin patterns. The Placebo effect as far as we understand is mind over matter. We can’t make any medical claims but we do believe that mind over matter is a factor that works well in conjunction with a Vortex…naturally occurring or otherwise.
Q: How does the Shrink and Grow (S&G) Effect Work?
A: No matter how close or familiar one is with the S&G phenomenon no one knows exactly the cause; there are only theories. The debunkers, folks with little or no curiosity and who follow a dogma of pure science claim there is no such thing, nothing going on but a well-constructed mechanical stage magic trick called the “Ponso Effect.”
Mainstream scientists who might find the phenomenon fascinating dare not openly study it, perhaps out of concern for their professional careers and the possibility of ridicule from their peers and superiors for inferring respectability onto something considered outside the current paradigm of classical physics.
A theory exists that the Universe is constructed along the Hologram model, and whether someone subscribes to this level of thinking or not, we can at least admit that science has been able to map the microcosm close enough to confirm that we are made up of empty space, particles and waves. Why couldn’t we physically change our perceived size under certain conditions?
The Vortex is apparently acting as an entity exhibiting discernible borders separating one vortex from another. When two people see one another across the border, or line of demarcation, each person is viewing the other in a different location, and after they switch places is when they notice that the rules have changed. However, at the Montana Vortex complex there are regions where people find themselves riding a wave up and down as they stand still. One aspect of our new GV-II duplicates this process. Wearing it may have you noticing the person or people near you are gradually shrinking and growing right in front of your eyes, but it won’t be them that’s appearing to be moving, it will be you.
Gravity seems to be affected in the Vortex causing reality to act differently on each side of the demarcation lines. Gravity has been studied at the Oregon Vortex and to the disconcertion of some was found to be about 10% less inside the Vortex than outside of it.
Perception itself could be skewed by the spiral, swirling effect of the Vortex. Some of the most noticed Vortex spots are the so-called gravity/mystery hills where cars seem to roll uphill. Almost every state/country has at least one of these natural anomalies. In the vortex attractions when looking up from the bottom of a hill the grade seems to have a small incline, but at the top looking downhill the incline seems outrageously steep.
Time has been measured inside some of the Vortex attractions and has been found to run universally slower inside the Vortex than outside. There have been studies reporting similar natural phenomenon regarding time at high altitudes and the farther regions of outer space. Einstein’s time dilation theory has been confirmed. In the Oregon Vortex this time difference has been found to be about a quarter of a second per day. At the Mystery Spot in California the difference is closer to a half second, and at the Montana anomaly near Glacier National Park the difference varies depending on the position inside the area where the measurement was taken from a quarter-second to three-quarters of a second. Time variances for the S&G are considered as a viable theory in this way: When one looks across a line of demarcation at another person they see the other party AS IF that person is closer or farther away in terms of perspective than is physically real. Time and light have speed limits, so speed up or slow down light and one’s sense of space is altered.
The time theory, however does not account for eye level changes on level surfaces.
The S&G phenomenon is overtly experienced by two people participating inside the demonstration, and at the same time it can be seen and photographed from outside the demonstration, so bending light creating a natural illusion is the most agreed upon theory. Perhaps as light alters its speed the perception of distance also bends therefore accounting for the illusion of eye level changes.
No one knows what bends the light.
A small number of people are immune to the phenomenon. Perhaps when a study by scientists with the veil lifted from their curiosity investigate why some do not respond when most do will be when a cause for the S&G is learned.
Until then the Shrink & Grow demonstration is just a great natural mystery.







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