Utilizing a magnet’s “spin” properties rather than it’s “strength” has led to the creation of some phenomenal personal energy access devices that are powered by Golden Vortex Technology™.

Golden Vortex™ (GV) devices are powered by our exclusive nature-based technology that was made possible after 40 years of advanced magnet and vortex research.

Nick Nelson, the inventor of the Golden Vortex™ technology and devices was published in the Journal of New Energy in 2001 after he delivered a paper on magnetic spin domains at the INE Symposium for New Energy conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Discovering these domains in magnets and learning how to configure and set them to the natural life supporting spin sequences found in natural Vortex locations, Mr. Nelson developed a whole new type of nature-based technology that started with the original Golden Vortex™. These patterns within vortexes are found throughout nature and work in harmony with every living energy system and biofield.

First making them for family and friends Mr. Nelson was soon receiving some phenomenal feedback with many of the same reported benefits experienced at some of the world’s most well known Vortex locations, such as freeing up static energy blockages in the body, providing quick pain relief, access to more energy and optimum health.

Golden Vortex™ devices started receiving a lot of international attention when one was featured on the History Channel’s Brad Meltzer”s Decoded show in 2012, (Season 2, Episode 13) displaying the device’s unique “shrink and grow” effect. It can be a bit much for some to wrap their minds around, but if you take a trip to the Montana Vortex you will see a sign over the door in the back of the gift shop that reads “Management Is Not Responsible For World View Changes”. There is a reason why that sign is there and it is the same reason why it has been chosen here as a disclaimer. If you go in with an open mind you will likely see and experience things you may have never imagined were even possible. The same can be said for Golden Vortex™ devices.

Most users report that when wearing or holding their Golden Vortex™ device to their body they experience similar benefits in terms of increased energy, circulation, easier breathing, as well as the level of clarity and focus that many experience around these Vortex locations. Also commonly reported by wearers of Golden Vortex™ devices is pain relief and reduced inflammation, quicker healing times and better digestion. Many also use them with their drinking water, (as well as water for their pets and plants) by holding the flat unlettered side of the device up to the glass, bottle, bowl or container when filling. For gardening and greenhouses this is done by holding the flat side of the device to the garden hose when the water is running.

Golden Vortex™ devices are being worn by:

– World top athletes in multiple professional sports. (Active and retired)

– Doctors, nurses and health care practitioners, EMTs/Paramedics

– Active and retired military and police officers

– Martial artists, stuntmen & stuntwomen, American Ninja Warrior finalists

– Catholic Priests, Yoga Teachers, Reiki and Qigong practitioners, Strength Coaches

– Rock stars, singers, musicians, big screen superheroes and Oscar winning and nominated actors

– CEOs, secretaries, office workers, farmers, laborers, life coaches, teachers and many others from nearly every other walk of life in between

We do not pay for endorsements or testimonials but if you would like to take a minute or 2 to share your feedback, we really appreciate it. 60 Day Money Back Guarantee


DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. We do not make any medical claims for Golden Vortex™ products. These are magnetic devices sold for personal use and research only. It is not recommended to use magnetic devices if you are using a Pace-Maker, Defibrillator etc. Magnets can erase video, music, credit/debit card magnetic strip information and computer data. The magnets we use are very small and we have never heard a case of this happening with our devices but to be on the side of caution we do not recommend holding magnets of any type to your credit cards or memory cards/sticks etc.

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